Deaf Resourced Provisions

For those students with an Education Health and Care Plan who have a permanent sensori-neural severe to profound bilateral hearing loss, attending a Deaf provision will provide daily access to specialist care needed to integrate successfully with a mainstream curriculum.

Deaf Provision Nursery (DPN)

Children with moderate to profound hearing needs can be offered a place at the nursery, but it will always remain a small group to provide the best boost for language acquisition and development.

The Deaf Provision Nursery is based at Icknield Primary School and is staffed with a Specialist Nursery Nurse, with regular access to Qualified Teachers of the Deaf working in LDAST and IDP.

During their time at the nursery, children will be assessed to see if an application for an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) is indicated.

The Deaf Provision Nursery also provides a base for a pre-school group for families supported by LDAST.

Icknield Deaf Provision (IDP)

Children with severe and profound hearing needs with EHCP’s, or with EHCP applications in process, are admitted to IDP with the agreement of Luton’s Special Educational Needs Assessment Team (SENAT).

Icknield Deaf Provision has a number of Qualified Teachers of the Deaf who work with the children in provision base rooms in small groups, 1:1 interventions and in the mainstream classes. When in mainstream classes, deaf children are supported by Educational Communicators. The Provision also has Speech and Language Therapists, Deaf Tutor and part-time audiology technician.


Icknield High Hearing Support Department

Students with a severe and profound hearing needs who have an EHC Plan are admitted to the Provision following consultation between the family, Luton’s Special Educational Needs and Assessment Team and Icknield High School.

The provision offers specialist trained staff to support a student’s integration into a mainstream curriculum. The support offered includes Educational Communicators, Qualified Teachers of the Deaf, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and a BSL Tuition.

The provision works in collaboration with mainstream teaching staff to ensure that the student’s needs are met within the classroom and where further intervention is required, this is done so in collaboration with all professionals involved.