Family and the Home

Family Groups

Online Coffee Morning Sessions for parents of children 0-3 years. They have ‘drop in sessions’ you can connect with other families and take part in activities.

Information for parents with children between (0-5) on Early Year Services and Professionals who will be involved with your child’s development. See link below for more information.

Deaf 4 Deaf

A counselling service for Children of Deaf Adults. Experienced Counsellors offer CODA’s the chance to explore their feelings and thoughts.

Children of Deaf Adults (CODA)

​Is a national organisation only for Children of Deaf Adults. They provide support for CODA’s of all ages and arrange social activities and a CODA Camp. 

A Disability Resource Centre

A Disability Support Charity providing advice online courses. Help with Direct payments, support for carers, Job support and equipment.


The NDCS has a range of grants available to help develop confidence and independence in deaf children, as well as get involve with activities.

Baby girl wearing a hearing aid. Disabled child, disability and deafness concept

Family Fund

Family Fund is a UK Charity that provides Grants for essential items to families with a child or young person with a disability or has a serious illness. 

Sky Badger

Find grants for children and young people who have Special Educational Needs or any Disabilities. The grants available cover a variety of essential items ie. IT equipment, Bikes, Holidays and much more…