Mainstream, Specialist and Alternative Provisions

SEN Support Level

For those students without an EHC Plan, attending either of the schools that have a deaf provision (Icknield Primary and Icknield High Schools) ensures that the mainstream teaching staff have a greater level of deaf awareness and appreciation to deaf education, as well as a cohort of deaf peers within mainstream lessons.

Where students would like to attend a different mainstream school within Luton, support can still be accessed. Speak with your school’s SENCo about SEN Support provision and refer to their SEND report which is published annually on their website.

Students who are not within one of Luton’s Deaf Resourced Provisions, may be eligible to receive specialist support from Luton Deaf Advisory and Support Team. Please speak with your SENCo about a referral to the team.

If your student is not making expected progress, schools have delegated funding available to give extra support, interventions and involve specialists.

If you child has a disability, schools and education authorities have a duty to provide reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.

This means that a school to must take positive steps to ensure that disabled pupils can fully participate in the education provided by the school, and that they can enjoy the other benefits, facilities and services that the school provides for all pupils.

Education Health and Care Plans

A Local Authority has a legal duty to implement the special educational provision that is detailed in Section F of a student’s plan. This is laid out in Section 42 of the Children’s and Families Act 2014.

The school carries out this duty on behalf of the authority, so where the school believes that they do not have the correct finances, equipment, staff or appropriate training to implement the provision, this should be discussed before a placement at the school is agreed.

Specialist Schools and Alternative Provisions

Where a student has an EHC Plan and would like to look at all placement options to make a well-informed decision, Luton’s Local Offer can provide information on schools within the borough

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This school search engine provides a comprehensive view of schools with varying designations, both local and further afield; mainstream, specialist, maintained and independent. Where your child has a variety of needs the advanced search can take this into consideration and list all placements that may be able to meet them. School search | The Good Schools Guide

Organised Arrangements

The items listed below are examples of provision that can be put in place to support your child at either SEN Support Level or as per their EHCP Section F.

  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Educational Communicators (BSL Qualified)
  • Notetakers
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Interventions with specialist therapists (Speech / Occupational / Physio)
  • Interventions with specialist Teachers (Teachers of the Deaf, Multi-Sensory Needs, Visual Needs, Autism)